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"An Anonymous Prayer"
Lord, thy knowest better than I know myself
that I am growing older and will someday be old...

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  • Eating Disorders: The Something Fishy Website


  • Elderhealth Northwest
  • Elderhostel

  • ElderNet (National) A seniors' guide to health, housing, legal, financial, retirement, lifestyles, news and entertainment information on the World Wide Web.

  • Elder Pathways Ltd. [Consultation; Geriatric Care Management for Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia & Everett] "It is the mission of Elder Pathways, Ltd. to provide humane and dignified care for elders and their families through individualized planning, education, advocacy and high standards of professional practice."
  • ElderRage [—or— Take My Father...Please! How To Survive Caring For Aging Parents] Are You At Your Wit's End With Elder Care And coping with an elderly loved one who: • Makes unreasonable demands, wanting all of your time? • Is experiencing memory loss or dementia / Alzheimer’s? • Is obsessed with ill health, but refuses to see the doctor? • Has become depressed, manipulative, distrustful or hostile? • Refuses any mention of caregiving or elder care help? Then you'll love this riveting true story, written with compassion, heart and humor—and realize that you're not alone.

  • An on-line community of older adult computer users [Canada]
  • Emerging Technology (Elder-Tech) To Watch or Not To Watch? [Karen Stevenson has spent 20 years focusing on the intersection of technology and eldercare.]
  • Elderwise (Capitol Hill, Seattle) A cultural and artistic enrichment program designed to promote healthy aging for seniors through a multi-faceted venue based on respect for the wisdom of elders. Elderwise is a registered non-profit organization and a member of the Washington Adult Day Service Association.

  • Emeritus Senior Living At Emeritus Senior Living, we offer a variety of senior living apartments to choose from. Each community offers unique services and amenities specifically designed with seniors in mind.
    HQ: Emeritus Senior Living
    3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 500
    Seattle, WA 98121
    • Homes within 250 miles from Seattle
    • Emeritus Promotes Brain Health
      ["The brain is the most complex and magnificent system in our universe. At Emeritus, we’re passionate about good brain health for our residents, families, staff and our surrounding community. As part of this commitment to brain wellness, we are pioneering programming in assisted living to promote and maintain the brain. Below is a collection of links to tips for caregivers needing a little extra help."]

  • Encore (Retirement) Communities [Kitsap County & Shelton] "There are four Encore Communities; three in Silverdale and one in Shelton, Washington. These four Encore Communities offer a variety of living options and health care services from private country cottages for independent retirement living to assisted living and innovative programs providing care for Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias."


    • End-of-Life Care: Numerous Articles on INCLUDING: ¦What is the difference between palliative care and hospice care? ¦What is hospice? ¦What types of services are provided by a hospice care service? ¦How do you pay for hospice? ¦How do I know if my loved one is ready for hospice? ¦Who provides hospice care? ¦What does a hospice nurse do? ¦What does a hospice doctor / medical director do? ¦What does a hospice social worker do? ¦What does a hospice medical director do? ¦What does a hospice aide do? ¦What does a bereavement counselor do? ¦What does a spiritual counselor do?

      ¦Where can hospice services be provided? ¦What is the difference between an in-home hospice service and facilities-based hospice? ¦What to look for when choosing a hospice? ¦What do I do if my loved one refuses hospice care? ¦How do I know if my loved one is receiving quality hospice care? ¦Can you change hospice providers? ¦How long does hospice last? ¦What if my loved one gets better? ¦What if my senior wants to stop hospice?

    • Dr. Ira Byock, long time palliative care physician and advocate for improved end-of-life care, and a past president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, provides written resources, as well as organizations, web sites and books to empower persons with life threatening illness and their families to live fully. Some recommended websites can be found at this page:

    • Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience, 2009 written by hospice nurse. "I feel it is important to make living with a life threatening illness, dying, death, and grief a graceful process. It is my wish that family, friends, patients & clients experience these with dignity and reduced fear. I think our materials assist in that process."
    • End-of-Life Issues

  • Entertainment [AARP]
  • ERA Care Communities ERA Care is the only retirement community network to have an exclusive relationship with the #1 nationally-rated UW School of Nursing. Through this collaboration, state-of-the-art wellness programs have been developed and are available at all ERA Care Communities.

  • Events (Cultural & Others)

  • Eyes: National Eye Institute (NIH)

  • Exercise Centers (Maps): "Seniors get stronger thanks to UWT", The News Tribune (Tacoma) KAREN HUCKS; 05/23/07



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